Bioenergy and the treatment of “incurable” diseases

Bioenergy and the treatment of “incurable” diseases.

Cancer. When put this diagnosis, a person does not know how to doesn’t lose composure.

I once had a conversation with one of my patients.

– I have cancer.

– So what?

– Can you cure cancer?

– Of course!

– It’s unbelievable.

– You want me to cure you of cancer or you just want to know if cancer can be cured? If a serious problem or illness appeared in your life, you need to find the strength to solve the problem and cure the disease.

Cancer – is not a death sentence!

The fear of cancer is one of the worst nightmares of human existence, because many people believe that cancer – the disease is incurable.

Cancer is mentioned for the first time in an ancient Egyptian papyrus from 1600 BC. The document describes some forms of breast cancer and says that cancer is not treatable. Unfortunately, for more than three thousand years, the situation has changed a little bit.
However, the diagnosis – cancer is not always a death sentence. In the last decade, cancer has become a difficult, but curable disease. There are people who beat cancer. In addition, the life expectancy of people who beat cancer, it’s not inferior to the life expectancy of the general population. I want to tell you why and what is making this.

Defeat fear and doubt!

It is particularly important that serious changes are taking place in the minds of people with cancer. Now they realize that it is not necessary to refer to the number of cancer is “incurable diseases”. Any disease can be cured.

And now I want to tell you about the people with a history of cancer who have found the strength to change their lives, leaving no room for doubt, fear, bad thoughts, and the disease itself. I want to tell everyone that it is possible to overcome the insurmountable.

The main objective is to dismiss all doubts. In severe diseases, the doubt in the success of the treatment, means death.

There are different methods that contribute to the healing of the patient: an appeal to a higher power, a good attitude, traditional and non-traditional treatment. People must make the right choices to find their doctor or healer. Do not lock yourselves, live a full life. However, when you feel the first improvements, you should not think that you have fully recovered.

When the dentist puts braces, it must pass at least six to eight months to get your teeth aligned. Align the energy balance of the body of the patient is not easier.

Also, do not neglect preventive sessions when you consider that you’re already recovered, even if the improvement of your condition and full recovery is remarkable!

In the section “Uterine Cancer” you can watch a video about one of the cancer patients cured by me, Larissa.

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