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Bioenergy and the treatment of “incurable” diseases

Bioenergy and the treatment of “incurable” diseases.

Cancer. When put this diagnosis, a person does not know how to doesn’t lose composure.

I once had a conversation with one of my patients.

– I have cancer.

– So what?

– Can you cure cancer?

– Of course!

– It’s unbelievable.

– You want me to cure you of cancer or you just want to know if cancer can be cured? If a serious problem or illness appeared in your life, you need to find the strength to solve the problem and cure the disease.

Cancer – is not a death sentence!

The fear of cancer is one of the worst nightmares of human existence, because many people believe that cancer – the disease is incurable.

Cancer is mentioned for the first time in an ancient Egyptian papyrus from 1600 BC...

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