The reason of the stomachache.

       The reason of the stomachache.
I began writing articles for my site. Honestly, at the beginning, the goal was to refer patients to the articles to have less to explain. Something like: “On this subject I am writing this article, and if this is your question – and you need an answer …. read here.” Of course, it’s easier. I do not have to listen and explain for too long. Because usually you do not need to know my opinion. You just need to share your problems.

But it is easier to me to do something, like relieve the pain within 10-15 minutes, than to tell that you what do you have, how and why you have it. Specially, when one answer generates a lot of other questions.

Well, still you don’t need to be treated yet, and you’re just trying to find information on this matter, I will share my opinion. Today, it’s August 23, 2012. A few days ago I held a regular session on Skype with a young man, whose stones in the gall were of 2 cm.

I write the exact information, because I have an arrangement with him that if someone with a similar problem in treatment (and later-cured) wants to talk to a patient, then I will give out all his contact information. And he would not refuse to talk to them. Sometimes, it’s more interesting to talk to a real person instead of reading articles on the internet. So, we remove the stones and, accordingly, we adjust everything in that way, that the stones forget they were once in that body. I asked him “how is your defecation?”. Again he says that it’s normal. Well, then I did not believe it. Well, I did not believe it and asked again. «Give me more details!» And pulling slowly I got that pain and seizures in the gall forced him to start a diet. He ate less, and he though it was normal to not use the bathroom for almost three days.

– Well, you eat every day!

– I thought it was normal – he said.

I reminded him that dialogue some time later. Let laugh. He had to read every session about constipation, in addition to the treatment. Although he did not consider it locks.

Please, you, who is reading about abdominal pain. First get yourself a correct defecation and then treat gastritis and everything else.

I will continue this article at other moment and I’ll share with you some very interesting moments.

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