The monument to enema.

          The monument to enema.
I hear the words «gastritis, pancreatitis and colitis» almost every day when you start talking about your problems. I cease to be surprised that this is almost always preceded by the untimely and incomplete emptying of the bowel. A few months or a few years, you hadn’t been paying attention to this extremely important part of your body. But when you start to feel pain, you buy pills for anything, but do not take into consideration that clogged colon. Probably, from the point of view of the state of medicine, it looks ridiculous, but the headaches and inflammation of the prostate sometimes are preceded by constipation.

Everything that is high, should fall. Sir Isaac Newton proved that, sitting under an apple tree. That came in, must come out. You have proved that, sitting on the toilet in the morning, right? Or your bowel’s operation happened yesterday morning for the last time? Or the day before? Or one cold but memorable morning in December?


I’ll tell you one amazing thing. In Russia a few years ago in the city of Zheleznogorsk opened “You won’t believe it!” The monument to the enema. You see it in the photo. I would like to shake hands with gratitude to those doctors who had seen the problem of bowel cleanliness with such high importance. Dear patients, you clean the house of dust, you wash your glass when you want to drink clean water, and you also wash your dirty clothes, right? How could you miss sometimes the need for cleaning the inside of your body? And pills or fruits will not help here for cleaning, because the problem is that staying a long time in the clogged state make the intestines work slow, barely moving their muscles. The only thing that can helps here is enema. Yes, more than once. A lot of days, by at least half a glass of water pouring into the anus, you’ll teach you bowels to work again. And, believe me, many diseases go away, without requiring additional treatment.

“Constipation it is not a joke. This is sometimes painful, but it is usually easy to find the cause of the inertia of your intestines. This may be shortage of fiber in the diet or not enough liquid, or stress, or drugs, or lack of exercise, or the wrong attitude to his intestines “- says MD Paul Rousseau. Many of us had taught ourselves to go to the bathroom not when nature calls, but when we thing is convenient. By resisting the urge to go to the toilet, we gradually contribute to the development of constipation. “To have the intestine working like a clock, drink at least eight glasses of stewed fruit, fruit drinks, juice, yogurt, mineral or plain water ( which eliminates this problem the best way) every day. “A glass of cold water on an empty stomach to many is stronger than a laxative pill” – was wrote in a medical journal. But I do not think that it will solve everything. You start by thinking about the problem, and then look for ways to resolve it and you’ll succeed.

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