The energy of sex.

        The energy of sex.
Statistic says that in the last week, the more attractive article topics had to do with the energy in sexual relationships.

It is necessary to talk about it.

I made a transmission on TV about this topic. But it’s not Russian television. So I’m still writing in Russian. I would like to say, in first place, that it is not necessary to spend all day and night in grievances and claims. Try to manage your time. Let the night will be the night. Give it time to rest and love. Just forget at this time about any dissatisfaction. Of course, I understand that you can not forget about your feelings for the man who wrongly behaved, in your concept. But not responding to the caress coming from the loved one, you only makes the conflict bigger. Are you sure you need this? I want to tell a brutal story of a family.

Those were my patients. The whole family has 5 members. The wife, two children and the husband’s aunt. The husband drank. And the scandal was conceived a couple of times (I do not presume to identify the guilty one), causing him to hit her. Two slaps played a fatal role. Agree. But time passes and her husband, tired to seek affection from his wife begins to change her for the lover. But he continued loving his wife in a weird way. But the wife was acting pride. She wasn’t allowing him to do anything and she didn’t talk to him for several years. To herself, she seems to be fair, hurt and proud. But pride does not prevent her to use the money on her old and sick aunt’s husband. In his ’71 years, this old lady called two of his cousins, grandchildren. I do not judge anyone. We state in this article, but we do not judge.
But the aunt was tired of living among this conflict and tension. She got tired of keeping them in her house and buy all the products only with her money. I do not know what to do. But her husband does not drink for about six months. Maybe it time to forgive, right? This aunt more than any other, dreams about her nephew laying down next to his wife. Grievances have been forgotten. She was old and all she wanted was to live in peace with her loved ones.

There is no correct answer to the question. No one will advise. But using different beds, in any situation, will make the conflict bigger.

We will talk more about this subject. There are still incomprehensible situations and different stories. Once again: there are not to judge, there are to talk about it.

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