The causes of desease.

                The causes of desease.
Nothing comes from nothing and does not disappear without a trace.
Why do I have this disease?

Let’s start with the fact that this problem really came from somewhere. From my own experience of working with patients, I’m convinced that there is no single cause for the occurrence of a problem with your body.

If there were painful characteristics frequently, then of course we run to be treated. It is true, of course. As it is true that it is necessary to treat body and soul simultaneously.

When you feel that the disease has become seriously disturbing for you, I would like to tell you that we should sit down and think about what might be your punishment for. But not only the God’s punishment … We live in the modern world and soberly realize that surgery or therapy is not going to solve all the problems. Something else must be analyzed in your lifestyle and way of thinking.

Gallstones and liver problems, and not just liver problems … I had been watching a lot of years. Often (almost always) the disease was preceded by the problem of constipation. No one, often does not control the process.

– Did you go to the bathroom today?

– No.

– And yesterday? – It’s a no also? How do you imagine your body in a few years, if you visit the toilet twice a week for 3 years?

By the way, I treated a young woman, she was in 5th year of the medical school. After 3-4 sessions the pain stopped and I encouraged her to try the enema for two months – no more than 50-100 grams of water into the rectum daily. The work of the intestine gradually returned to normal, as she and her mother said that the pain was gone.

A very interesting case. A woman of 45 years. Severe headaches, which are concentrated in the right side of the neck. Pain in the back and under the right scapula. The doctor who wrote out her pills for headaches, probably would have laughed at my conclusions. But the pain somehow passed. Imagine. I photograph her back and showed her the picture.

– I do not get it – she said.

– Your right shoulder is above, Is your right shoulder always a little higher than the left?

– I wear a bag there all the time.

-And now look at your muscle mass about the 7th cervical vertebrae on the right, looks as a cartilage inside, it hurts when pressed, it’s like spinal deformity. She was surprised by her posture. We remove the seals, but always continue to follow the bearing.

Another case. A man with headaches. Healthy and beautiful, he had 53 years old, and his wife came. For many years, almost one nostril was breathing. I said “If the body and blood vessels of the brain are not getting enough oxygen for several years – the headaches are – an unambiguous result.” Let’s cure the nose and the headaches will stop. And that was what happened.

The woman slept too many years on a hard bed. Over the time, as the body weight increased, the deformation of the hip joint became. And she came to complain about a pain in the knee. We treated the hip and the knee no longer hurts.

Then, a woman had venous osteoarthritis. Veins and swollen feet hurt. It is understood that there are clots. But I see another problem. Almost five years of frequent urination, about 10 times per day. Sore ovaries. I think that after the improper operation of the internal organs appeared, the foot problems started. She was convinced that it was truth. Veins never healed at all. But she began to sleep good. The legs stop swelling as before. We only treated ovaries and bladder.

No episode was invented. These are absolutely true stories. Of course it’s a process. This is not the time of the miraculous healing. But we’re talking about something else today. Look at yourselves, standing in front of a mirror. Why this is asymmetrical? Why the bulge is not the same height of the shoulders? or Why the head leans to one side more than the other one? Listen to yourself. Consider what might precede your disease. And at least, start with that fight. When you figure out the problem, even the thoughts of expelling it, help you.

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