I was offered to talk about “Stress”. I replied: “Yes, of course.” But then I thought about that over and over again I want to tell you about something good, not bad. Let the topic be “I have no stress” instead of “stress” because I must tell you a secret of succeed for a good mood without stress. The advice sounds like this: Talk about what you want to see.

If you open a book or read on the Internet about stress … Oh!!! how many information is written about stress there… syndromes, causes, and other disorders due to stress. How to identify the presence of stress. Maybe there is someone who needs that information and the point of view of the medicine could be right. But my goal is different. My goal is to take off the tension only. And again, I repeat to you: Talk about what you want to see.

You have no money? That’s not true. You simply do not have enough money to meet your increasing desires. To have a desire is not a sin. But to suffer without a cause it’s a sin. Release the idea about it and release the anxiety about it. Today, you have food, you have a house and also you have your relatives. That’s happiness. And if you do not see it, that’s a feature of your character. But it’s not stress. Smile.

Poor family relationships? You can live with joy or expenses. One of my patients, a young 35 – year old woman was living in the house with her two children, her husband and her family for 10 years. In the second year of her 10 year family life, there was a scandal, and her husband hit her. And all the following years, that fact considered as an offense, kept the whole family under stress.

You know, there is nothing inevitable and irreparable. We know already for a long time, that all the events are not only good or bad. Our attitude to a certain event makes it look that way.

Let’s remember all the good things that are happening to us. Let’s talk about it. Do you remember how many times we talked to you about a glass of water? So, remember that the glass is half full, not half empty. And you’ll forget what does stress mean.

Let’s share our successes, but we also have to enjoy the success of our friends even more. Let’s listen to them, and sincerely praise them. Let’s take charge ourselves and also let’s charge others with our good mood.

I’m not saying this to teach you how to live and think correctly. What right do I have to do it? But I sincerely want to help and inspire you using my abilities to have a more positive lifestyle. I want you to forget what stress is. Let’s charge ourselves and others with a good mood.

You know what? Let me give you an example from my personal life. A few years ago I started my day reading the news that my husband provided me from the Internet. It had in front of me the events that had happened all around the world. And then I began to understand that the day passed with the memory of those events… I told him: “Do not notify me more bad news, tell me in the morning funny jokes.” It has become our habit since then and it has significantly improved the mood and our deeds .

Here are some interesting phrases I recently read. “Talk about what you want to see.” Remember, repeat to yourself: Talk about what you want to see … Want to see a good obedient child? So cheer and say that it will happen. You want to see it. Why do you need the stress from your constant dissatisfaction with him?

Talk about what you want to see. You do not want to see problems – try not to talk about them. Talk about options to resolve them – yes, with joy and hope. But don’t talk about the problems themselves – do not.

Do not judge anyone, nor rulers, nor beggars. Do not be angry. You do not judge. Why are you stressed? Talk about what you want to see…

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