SEX AND ENERGY.

“Do not sleep with insults, sleep with your favorite” or “Take your resentment out of the bedroom.”

In the hallway, the editors of “7 Days” was talking to a woman who reads all my articles. We have already said goodbye, but I had time to ask:

– What else would you like to read about?

– About sex.

– Okay, – I said, taking the joke. And only then I realized that she was not joking.

So – about sex. I will not talk about the physiology and the importance and nothing like that. Let’s talk about the person’s energy having or not having a normal sexual relationship. In a conversation on any topic I always remembered my patients, their different stories. Not always they can speak freely about the problems of health with the doctor due to lack of time of receipt of the latter. But in my office – is another matter, and then pop up different secrets and not made earlier problems.

She’s always yelling at me and I’m going to sleep in another room.

He does not want me to say it, you know, work conversations missing. And I miss him, communicate with him.

She’s always complaining that we did not have enough money, I feel helpless and lost all desire.

Oh what sex we are, as I think all the time about where to get money for the family’s needs.

She’s torments me with his jealousy. Even when she is silent, she always suspects something. I want to run away from home.

-I Am sure that he has another woman. All my hurts just thinking about it. How could he!

-I Really tired, I do not want to. In the end, I’m working for the family.

It seems to me that he no longer loves me, and I did not attract a woman. I can not stop thinking about it.

-I Feel bad, I was really sick, it’s like when I say she answers, “Well, go to the doctor,” and does not want to hear about my problems.

He’s always complaining that he has something hurts. I think he comes up with a reason not to be with me.

Each has its own story. And what to do when the releases pain – want to have to share the unseen. I am truly happy if you’re part of the offense on each other to leave.

I have one question to all who have similar phenomena in the family. Offended by her husband or wife, you just do not want sex, and why do not you give up eating, why do you still go to work or meet a friend. Why did you move to the bed your negative emotions? How do you decide what IT can be manipulated?

It is quite surprising as it sounds in Russian “conjugal duties”. That is called intimate family relations responsibilities of spouses. So, we do not just “want to – do not want.” We must love one another. We must not just talk, we must listen to and be sure to listen to each other. We must not deprive each other joy of intimate caresses. We must always make each other small gifts and give tokens. We have to … How would have to lay a wood fire in our home.

Literature about the intimate side of our life now abound. Write about what sex distracts from any traumatic situation, we switch to a wave of happiness. He provokes the release into the blood of the hormone oxytocin soothing and even reduces the level of stress hormone – cortisol.

Here’s one of the recipes for the treatment of your disease. Of course, it is not a panacea. But I want to say that your health problems are so intertwined with your psychological condition that prevents the absence of joy enters your body a good warm energy.

Interestingly, many mature people find their love life more intense than in their youth. They believe that with age sex only gets better, like good wine. Hence, the age should not be confused. Drinking gray hair to be different. The ideal of a young beauty – is a modern representation of the people. Women, your beauty does not go away, it becomes different.

Go back to the title of my article. You hear me? Talk to each other without complaints, try to understand and have always understood each other. Are you a person who does not need to change and re. With him to deal with family matters when you are together, define time for this and love each other, forgetting all the insults. Know -Bozhe God and Caesar – Caesar’s.

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