Kidney disease, treatment.

      Kidney disease, treatment.
First, I want to remind you that human organs can’t be considered separately. The body is one integrated system. But you ask me about kidney – let’s talk about them. Almost always, with very few exceptions, all of the problems, which, according to official medicine, associated with the kidneys, did not begin with pains in the appropriate places like the back or below the shoulder blades. They start with the wrong, urination disorders.

This is a very important question for me. When my secretary with the patient describes the problems that he had come with, I always ask them about defecation and urination. Most patient answers “yes, okay.” But I ask again: “How many times a day urination occurs?”. And if you say, “more than 5, and even at night a couple of times” – it is already, kind of disturbing. I will try to argue their opinions.

“During the day a healthy person produces an average of 1,500 ml of urine, and that’s about 75% of them received per day of liquid (the remaining 25% is allocated by lungs, skin, intestine).”

Frequency of urination normally ranges from 4 to 6 times a day. The bladder must normally be emptied completely.

Physiologic bladder capacity is of 250 to 300 ml, but, depending on the circumstances (temperature and humidity environment, emotional state) it can vary within wide limits. (

I remember a funny story with one patient. Treated renal creatinine was about 5. A lot of bad symptoms. It was a complex situation. Urination was 12-15 times a day. After a week of daily work, he went to the doctor and said him that he got treatment, he was feeling better and so on. Even he repeated my words, in the absence of normal urination process, there will be no success in kidney treatment.

The doctor was funny. He said our patient, that he has to measure the amount of fluid he drinks and urines for the determined period of time. He did so. He brought a piece of paper with all his notes. In principle, all converge, so the doctor explained him how illogical my arguments were, because as many liquid he dranks – as much liquid came out. … It was one of the most interesting debate with the patient. At that time, I still had a poor knowledge of the Spanish language, and I spent almost an hour explaining him that if the urine comes out every hour, it does not work correctly. And the tumor, filling the volume of urine, make it look like lumps or egg white. I showed him a photo that I found on the Internet. Sometimes it helps to explain better using pictures instead of words. I remind my readers that none of my writings, are invented. Each patient is real. In our clinic we have all of their cards with a full description of everything that happened to them, their signatures, pictures and phone numbers. You can talk with each one.

Some patients say that they experience a burning sensation when urinating, others – that urination occurs in two stages; 2 minutes after urinating – urges once again. Others experience pain at the same time, and more often in patients with this type of issues, there is a feeling of incomplete urination as if something prevents the bladder to get completely empty. And it is interesting that when we make some questions about everything in his life and his medical history (even if it’s so predictable!), it surprises everyone. We discover that he used to have cystitis, which is another right guess, but it’s still interesting to know that he has diarrhea about 4 months before the urinating problems, and then, the kidneys issues began.

I do not draw conclusions, but simply talk about my work. There is usually no logic, not in the work I do but in the treatment I use, to produce results. If you turn on the logic – you can get an error. First of all – I use the sensations. And often when dealing with patients complaining of kidney, I feel the tension in the bladder. In his treatment, I usually start with the bladder.

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