Bone pain.

        Bone pain.
Do not rush to put a diagnosis. Let’s relax, think a little bit and do some analysis. It would be nice to scroll through the life and history. No, not the sheets stored in your clinic, and the little stories in your memory. What and when happened to you. The lack of visible connection between the various problems doesn’t mean anything.

1. Always check the stomach. Remember the root of the word? Belly – that’s life. No, I did not forget that I’m talking about the pain in the bones. But still … If the stomach aches or you feel pain in the region of the cardia for 5 years, and the bones began to suffer pain in the last year, it may be the root of the problems that has to do with a damage in the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation, esophageal hernia, intestinal hernia (formerly called volvulus), fecal stones, urinary problems … a lot of things. But if these issues were present before bone pain, you should think of what was first. Just think about it.

2. The bone pain. It is not necessary a problem that has to do with people age. The Spanish humor has an anecdote. The patient goes to a doctor with a sore knee. And the doctor says that it is the problem of elderly people. “Yes – the patient said irritated- but my other leg of the same age and for some reason it does not hurt.” Actually, I want to say that I admire the local people in terms of their love of life and virtually no complaints of their age. They are seeking a way out and don’t blamed the age for their problems. They do not talk about it. It would be logical to blame the age for a bone pain, if all elderly patients would have the same health.

3. Very, very many cases has to do with pain in the knees, even if the pain in one knee is stronger than the pain in the other one. I’m trying to gently explain that the pain in one knee is – a consequence of inflammation of the ovaries. And so it may be.

4. There are, but in rarer cases, where it is actually a really broken kneecap (that is another story), or a blood clot in a leg vein. If you put butter on your leg and hold it, by pressing, you will feel this clot as a little ball. And if it is smooth and gently massaged, then it will go away, and by the pain will go away also.

5. Well, when all the bones ache, as if your entire body is aching, that is more serious. Any inflammation in the body, colds, diabetes, can trigger pain in the bones. Define it, feel it and try to act the way I explained before.

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