Back pain. Spine treatment

         Back pain. Spine treatment.
Usually, when patients contact me, they bring x-rays to show you the vertebral hernia. I understand, but I do something different from the work of the surgery table. I see a problem and I always feel where it comes from by a signal. And sometimes the hernia’s picture did not cause the pain but it’s actually a symptom of the problem. And where is the source of the problem? Let’s see.

I will remind you that in terms of conventional medicine, a lot of my opinions seem illogical. But excuse me, there are different point of views and a new opinion is never less than a previous one. Even if an idea is well-established in people’s minds, it is easy to take it a priori. I’m sorry, but remember that once upon a time, Earth stood on pillars.

So, I know one thing. The displacement of the vertebrae, or the spinal deformity, does not occur by itself, it was the result of some force.

For example: a cyst 5 cm below the right kidney. It seems like is no pain at that location. But its volume pushes other organs and muscle mass, these muscles pull the vertebral bones, changing the position of the vertebrae. Then, an hernia appears in the left side of the back. When I started to talk with the patient, he was surprised. Actually, some time ago, it was a not strong pain in the right side of the back, then intermittent urination, and then it went to the left side of the back. The reason for the displacement of the vertebrae can be any entity or swelling inside. And I do not care, if my conclusions sounds logic or not, but I know that by working 10-15 minutes after catching this issue and working on it remotely, without even seeing the person, it can clearly reduce the pain or even remove it completely. I’m not talking about a complete cure yet. It does not always happen right away.

The next moment, it is so easy to see with their own eyes. Asymmetry. How many patients have been surprised at photographs of their bodies. I have a huge mirror on the wall in my office. I tell my patients to take off clothes to their underwear. They get shy, but sees no problem visually. Then, we have a dialogue:

– Look, you have one shoulder higher than the other 1-2 cm.

– Oh, yes… I always wear a bag on this shoulder.

It is clear, but the back it’s not going to hurt less after that explanation.

– And the back (I take a picture and immediately show it on the big screen), one shoulder blade it’s pulling out stronger than the other.

– But I have no pain there.

It will hurt, believe me. It’s going to hurt there or elsewhere because of the same issue, too.

– And you have your knees slightly different one as if swollen, bigger than the other, if you look closely.

– Yes, that’s correct. Now that you mention it, the left knee aches, but I’m using these and those pills for it, that the doctor prescribed.

– And let me tell you something. During the menstruation period, you feel pain in the left side, there’s an inflammation of the groin muscles, and that’s the reason for your knee problem. Then, I can see the astonishment and one question in her eyes: how do you know?

The concept of “symmetry”, associated with the concept of beauty and harmony, came from ancient Greece (5th c. BC). The Greek word «simmmetria» means harmonious, homogeneous, proportional, proportional object. And if you notice some differenes parts on your back, shoulders, knees and other parts of the body – it’s not a joke or something funny. Then, think of what and where to treat.

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