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The power of the water.
Often, a question is still asked: “Do you have anything else use in the treatment, some drugs, the grass?”. I have one drug in addition of energy – water. Let’s talk more about that.

Only one picture is better than any words to say about its significance in our lives: 70% of our body it consists of water and the same water percentage is contained in the earth’s surface. But I would like to write about something different in this article. We are talking about water, as a keeper of information. Every day I have to charge water to several patients. And they come for a charged water again and again. What’s really going on? It’s hard to explain it in words, but in terms of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto it looks like this. He found out that two identical water samples do not form completely identical crystals during freezing, in fact – a form of the crystals reflect the properties of water during freezing. The picture from this articule, shows what technology found out. Water, which crystals need to be studied, fill fifty cups and those were placed in a refrigerator at -250 C. Then, crystals were photographed under a microscope in a room where the temperature is kept – 50 C. The crystal still “lives” under the microscope, in average, no more than two minutes. Since there is absolutely no identical crystals on the fifty photographs, the selected photographs reflect the most common form.

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We investigated samples of water from various water sources around the world. Water was exposed to different types of exposure, such as music, images, electromagnetic radiation away from the TV or mobile phone, thoughts form one person and groups of people, prayer, printed and spoken words in different languages. Such images made more than fifty thousand pictures. The pictures show examples of such images obtained by Masaru Emoto.

But sometimes it gets “curious”: crystals, formed from the water, near flowers, repeated his form, and when the water got the name of the five major world religions – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, the formed crystals resembled a human face. Masaru Emoto created an amazingly simple and convincing experiment, suggestive of many reflections. He filled two identical cans of the same water, and put into each one a little bit of boiled rice. On one of them he attached the word “bad” on the other – the “good”. Every day, he and his family approached the “good” can several times with nice words and the “bad” can was treated with different offensive words. A few days later, the rice in the pot with the inscription “good” formed a malt with a pleasant smell, and the one labeled “bad” – rotted, got black and caused a disgusting smell. Learning of this experiment, a lot of people repeated this experiment with the same results, and one of the followers actually made a more developed experiment. He took three cans. With two of them, he did the same as in the first experiment, and the third one was placed with no inscriptions on it. He did not came and did not pay any attention to the third can. So, in that third can, the rice rotted faster than the bank with the word “bad” on it. So, forgetfulness it’s even worse than insults. As the old saying: “A man becomes what he thinks.”

Each person can customize their positive thoughts and thereby use the gained positive to protect their health from enemies and shock elements. Yes, human thoughts are the most powerful force of transformation! As the old saying: “A man becomes what he thinks.”

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