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I am dedicated to healing. And I would tell you something about it. The purpose of my explanation is that I want to give my patients (the actual and the potential ones), the largest amount of necessary information that may be of interest and they will decide to contact me. It will also save them time when they have a precise question, presenting several answers to the various questions they may have.

  1. The first session. The results are sought in the first session. And if there is no result in the first session, who will come to the second one? I do not the habit of speaking about your health because even if you will get answers to your questions, that dialogue does not bring any real improvement in you physical development. This dialogue may cause side effects such as altered aura and emotional ailments such as grievances and others. This will be discussed another time. If you come to me, you will bring a real problem for sure. Usually, it will be a physical problem and the first thing I have to do, in my opinion, is: reduce or eliminate pain, make tumors soften, reduce levels of blood sugar and normalize blood pressure or temperature.
  2. What do you need for this? First, relax. Relaxation. To think correctly and logically, you can not be in a state of anxiety. Second, define a reference point. That is, if the pain exists – where it originates? How often and how long you feel the pain? Create a starting point, for you to be able to understand the before and after of first session. If you have a tumor or swelling, do not forget to palpate. Remember, you will be the witness that evaluate the changes after the session. Be sure to carefully observe what has changed. If a backache, you can still be feel it, but now has you more mobility? If it were high blood pressure, it has not diminished at all to acceptable levels but the symptoms are decreasing, the head is not spinning, legs no longer feel like cotton and breathing is returning to its normal pace?
  3. Immediately, considered necessary to explain you point of view. The physical and the spiritual must go together. And if you need to remove a physical problem, in principle, we should focus on analyzing the errors committed in this life and correct them too. Just think of what is wrong and ask for forgiveness mentally. If you have no clue, angels or God will give you the necessary clues. I try to clean and change everything I feel it’s not right or what is hurting and what I may. I have not always time to explain step by step the procedures. This is a general information yet. We will expand on this theme later. I can not say that “I” did the miracle. I always remember each session, I am an instrument, and my hands are guided by a major force or something else higher. Something big, kind, important and wonderful.
  4. Then, by faith or simple curiosity, the first session had finished. And you feel improvement. Do not ask whether the improvement will last or no. Very often, patients come with difficult problems once they deplete resources through all possible medical ways. And the final results may take some time to settle completely. I think that if the first session eliminates pain but it returned the next day (although not with the same intensity), the second and third sessions the pain will be gone for 3-4 days whenever the slightest pain returns, more weaker and less frequent until it disappears completely. It is understood that pain is only an indicator of the problem with the patient. It is like a flower in the plant. But this is an important first step in our direction: pain relief.
  5. The next point to emphasize is the following. It is impossible to treat one health problem. Never. It is important to understand the meaning of the great Russian word “healer”. That is, it is to relieve the body as a whole. With all due respect to conventional medicine, I mean it is impossible to separate a person into pieces and try different organs separately and by different doctors. So when you come, we write a list of your problems, sometimes up to 30 things to heal. In each session, the improvement is felt in all aspects of your health that are healing. I love when I hear a patient speak or see him write as follows: “I have not felt heartburn in the last two days, and before starting with my sessions, I was burning for three months, on a daily basis. .. I wake up and I got out of bed more easily in the morning … I do not feel those heavy legs at night … I forgot to take a pill for my sugar blood issue and the sugar hasn’t risen”. All these changes in the health of patients are pleasant and uplifting for me … I’ve also heard experiences like: “I still do not talk to my husband, but somehow it’s getting easier to tolerate him and I di not feel that anger as before, I do not talk, do not talk to him yet, but I feel I’m not mad at him anymore. ” It’s great, right?
  6. Pain is one of the most clear and late stages in the development of the disease. In the treatment of the disease, the pain disappears first. That means, in reverse order, as well as it developed. If a group of cells, infected or mutated, met in a tumor or inflammation, it changed the structure of muscle mass, pushed to the column or the artery then finding it at high pressure. Then the development of the disease, sooner or later will give a strong signal: pain. Usually, the pain disappears first, then disappear tumors, tissue changes color (visible), etc.
  7. Time is essential to a complete cure. The amount of time needed is an approximation. Usually, he healing does not depend on the treatment time, but the mindset of the patient. We spend a good deal of time to improve the patient’s attitude and reaction to changes in the disease or condition. For example: a young woman comes to the second session stating that she still feels the tumor or inflammation but it’s getting softer and with less pain. That is already a big achievement and progress. We already know what the problem is, but we just talk about it in the first session. The second session it’s all about evaluating and improving changes. At this point, the healing process has begun. (Read “the glass half full” article).
  8. Incurable diseases. Well, I think everything has a cure. If you have some kind of healer who told you that something is incurable, it is not true. If there is no Olympic champion in your hometown, does not mean they do not exist at all in the world. I’ve seen miracles in my clinic and I have read about many wonderful people on the Internet. Always seek your choice and always try. Do not rush to believe everything they say. Check everything. But do not stop rummaging. That’s it. If you say or think, “I’ll dig” will not work if you say. “I will find it” It’s going a little better if you are going to say and think. “I found it! Exists! I’m healthy now!” With confidence, will soon come true. That I told, it was using my words, but it was not invented just for me and only me!
  9. What is it that you and I can heal? Imagine all that, what is the reaction? If the session is over, you feel at least a little better, clearly feels an improvement for you, then – will succeed.
  10. Exchange of energy. Any work required payment, the more the work of the healer. This is called the exchange energy.
  11. An old and sick father. Here, the situation is understandable. It’s a darling, but sick and elderly being. You think about your economic situation, you make the budget and compares it to the payment of the study of your children, house repairs and vehicle expenses, the coat promised to your partner, and then… your father illness. You know what I think? Listen to advice, and do what your soul guide you to do. This means that money is energy too. You must give enough to ensure that you won’t be ashamed in front of the Almighty. In addition, if it is not money, give away needed time, attention and care. What we can not do is bury and do nothing, even if you do it only inside your head.
  12. Child. I live in a Latin American country. Here’s a completely different attitude to the child in the womb of the mother. The birth of a child: the expectation of a miracle is celebrated. This holiday is called “birth”, that is, the coming of the baby – the “baby shower” is held. The child already exists. He understands and feels. This is what we in Russia have not noticed ahead and buy something for the baby before he/she borns, it’s considered a bad signal. And here they communicate with the baby before birth and celebrate not only birth but also the pre-birth. Excellent. Remember that. Love in the family should be intense and worthy of your great performance.
  13. Thanks. Want to thank me otherwise? I appreciate your desire. But do not tell me you put a candle in church for my health. Let your friends know what happened to you. Just tell them, no advertising, advice and direction is needed. And maybe we will help each other. And that way, gratitude becomes reality. Thank you!
  14. Healers, advertising, anti-advertising. My mom told me that during and after the war, there was an old woman for five villages, who gave advice or assistance and help to everyone who needed it. Paramedics did not exist at that time. The medicine was created about 200 years ago. And healers have existed, exist and will exist. It gets a bit funny show that people do not need medicine. People will understand someday. If the medication you have, have not healed you, where to go? Then, appear for the best, or just for distorting reality, doctors who write about quackery. Only by spending time and defend the interests of our brothers, I have done several times the following: I ask the patient to determine their level of creatinine at two or three different hospitals … and also do an x-ray study in different places. Can you imagine differences between the levels in the results of 1-2 different days? Or when 2 or 3 therapists propose different diagnoses for a patient and prescribe different medications?

I started to post this on web sites, not to mention anything negative about anyone or anything in particular. But I no longer do.

  1. About the drug. If you come to me for treatment, it is necessary to understand that I will try to gradually get rid of drugs (medicines). You’re going to consume less, reduce the dose to get rid of them completely. Of course, this steadily improve health. We strongly recommend you to get surrounded by joy, love, a great mood, conversations with good friends, etc. Well water will attract you, it’s your water. I can not describe exactly what is going on there, but I will mention the water again. Therefore, there is something positive when patients drink, and his/her problem areas are cleaned between treatment sessions.
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